15 Best Remote Customer Service Jobs In 2023 Highest Paying

Interested in finding a job as a remote customer service agent? Being a remote customer service agent, versus dealing with customers in person, adds another layer to the mix when you’re interacting via the computer or over the phone. Customer service positions vary in requirements, but generally, they are entry-level positions requiring few qualifications and minimal experience.

Proficiency with computers and basic technology is usually a must to handle email, live chat, and other communication platforms. And besides a quiet space, a fast internet connection and a decent computer, there are few requirements for these jobs. And while some expect customer service experience, other customer-facing positions — such as a previous job in retail sales or telemarketing — are usually good enough. Not having to commute opens up your job search area, but it saves time and money.

Premium Customer Support Specialist (EMEA)

This may seem obvious, but working from home means you don’t have access to your company’s top-notch WiFi. You’ll need to invest in a strong network to ensure that you don’t get cut out of customer interactions. In customer service, speed and efficiency is everything, and the last thing you want is for a slow Internet connection to leave a customer hanging. In this post, discover if remote service is right for you, the different types of positions available, and companies that often offer them.

remote customer service

Walgreens has a call center where employees can work remotely and field inbound and outbound service calls. Travel agents may seem outdated as people can easily make travel arrangements online, but they still exist. What may have once required in-person meetings can now occur via email, https://remotemode.net/blog/what-is-remote-customer-service-exactly/ phone, or live chat. To get the job, browse the customer service job directory and apply online for the one that matches your skills. For example, one of the jobs Jobspresso features is for FreshBooks, where you’ll be required to support entrepreneurs and solve their inquiries.

Customer Support Specialist

For instance, you could find an open customer service agent position at Williams-Sonoma Inc. This position requires you to assist customers with placing orders, facilitating returns, locating products and scheduling deliveries. Many employers require only a high school degree or equivalent, although a college degree may be required in some cases.

The company you’ll work with typically provides access to online tools (VOIP) that allow you to receive calls. Virtual Vocations offers you customer service jobs with remote or telecommuting options. For example, one of the jobs requires you to support patients who need life-sustaining medications by answering their inquiries.

Remote Customer Service Jobs

What’s more, the work schedules at many companies hiring for remote customer service agent positions can offer fantastic flexibility. Therein lies the appeal for many job seekers; not to mention that, in many cases, on-the-job training is provided, so little or no experience is needed. Many freelance customer service jobs pay by the “productive” or “engaged” minute. That means you’re paid for the time you spend on a call or responding to someone’s chat message — but not when you’re sitting at your desk waiting to get calls or messages. And, yet, you’re generally required to stay available during the hours you selected regardless.

remote customer service

As long as you have a call center headset, you can perform all of your household responsibilities (or travel the world) while still guiding customers through their problems over the phone. Remote customer representatives make, on average, $10 – $15 hourly. To get a job via NoDesk, find the job that https://remotemode.net/ fits your skills and preferences and apply online. To get the job, browse the open job directory and apply online. Your job may entail fielding complaints, providing details about the services or products your organization offers, and being able to work independently and with minimal supervision.


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